Born on January  8th, 1970, in Santiago de Chile.



- As an actor from the School Theater of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.


He has participated in several plays, among the most important: "Ánimas de Día Claro" by Alejandro Sieveking, "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe and "Aquí No Paga Nadie" by Dario Fo, among others. He has participated in various audiovisual productions as an actor and model in films, short films, television and tv-commercials, being the face of recognized national brands, including publicity photographs.
He is currently in an implementation stage that will be his first film script, acting and directing ("Foja Cero").



- As Angelologist Therapist, Spiritual Advisor Angelic Card Reader.


Currently, a part of the performance, he is dedicated to read the angels cards as a healing therapy; he offers auto-healing courses in order that people learn to know themselves through the chakras and that diseases do not really exist, but are the product of our way of life and that they are always a warning to ourselves that something wrong we are doing or not (psychoenergetic therapies); and, finally, he do Reiki for body and spiritual energy reorganization, as well as helping to heal with them.



​(Pablo Sotomayor Prat)

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